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Cox Chiro Acupuncture Model

To give you a basic idea of how acupuncture works, I look at it as a fourth circulation system. The nervous system sends electricity to and from the brain to control functions and sense our environment. Blood circulation carries nutrients to body parts for healing, growth, and carries away waste. The lymphatics carry waste away from healing injured parts (kind of like the bodies' sewer system). The meridian, or acupuncture system, carries the electromagnetic energy. That is the why and how the body works - why the brain thinks, why the heart pumps, why the liver metabolizes, etc. When an area of the body is injured physically, emotionally, or otherwise, imbalances or barriers can occur. Like a dam in a river, pressure builds up on the back side and drowns everything upstream, and downstream the area dries up from no water. Our goal is to break down the dam and create a normal flow of water, or in our case, electromagnetic energy. We do this by using needles to punch holes in the dam. As the pressure is released, so is the pain and dysfunction, from headaches to belly pain, back pain, stomach problems, painful menses, perimenopausal symptoms, neck and arm pain, low back pain, and leg pain, etc. Nearly any symptom imaginable. The picture above shows a dramatic positive "erythema" response. This is very good. Most all pain can be treated with acupuncture. We have used it for acute pain, injuries, and chronic pain. Acupuncture uses very thin needles, about the thickness of your hair, inserted into acupoints, 1000s on the body for healing and pain control. Very little pain, if any, is felt when performed correctly. We have had success lately in treating colicky babies, menstrual pain, migraine headaches, weight loss, depression, addiction withdrawal, low back and neck pain, anxiety and even chronic pain!

Cox Decompression

Cox Chiro Acupuncture Model

The Cox clinic specializes in treating low back pain, leg pain, and neck and arm pain caused by degenerative disc disease, herniated (slipped, ruptured) discs, spinal stenosis, post surgical spine pain, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and other causes of back pain.

The spinal method used to treat spine pain was developed at this clinic and is called Cox Decompression Manipulation. It is a gentle, painless spinal manipulation performed with the spine under distraction - a traction force that separates the vertebrae to increase the size of nerve and spinal canal openings, drop pressure inside the disc to reduce herniation.

Careful tolerance testing is performed to ensure your comfort. Further tests, such as blood work and MRI or CT scans, are also performed as necessary. We have at our disposal all modern testing to correctly identify and treat the CAUSE of your problem.

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Cox® Technic protocols rely on the "rule of 50%":

- At each point that you demonstrate 50% relief of pain (objectively and subjectively - it may come within the first visit or two), your treatment sessions are halved. (ex. If you are seen daily, you would be seen once every two days.)

- If you do not have 50% relief of pain within 30 days of care, you will be referred for further testing or consultation. 91% of patients reported relief within 90 days.